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The New Year!

2010 will not go down as a banner year. Unless that banner reads:

“Good Riddance, Thanks for Nothing!”

As we all hope for improved wages, better returns, more jobs… heck, A job, it serves us to take a look back and see what we can learn from last year.

For me 2009 wraps up the decade with the understanding that the Voice Over Biz get harder the older you get. And most of that can be attributed to the increasing multitude of complexities that come with the adding of years.

These complexities are endless, unavoidable, and unpredictable. However that doesn’t mean they have to be debilitating.

To make a positive is the only choice I have, cause the negative just feeds negative.

"Always with the Negative Waves"

So as I begin my goals for 2010. ( Always a good idea.) I find myself taking that fear and anxiety and parlaying them into focus, renewed work ethic, and a stronger faith in my past. Meaning I know I’m good at what I do, and the down times are just opportunities to catch up on reading and a litmus that make the up times all that more sweeter.

For me the year was one for introspection and making sure that all the “junk” that happened doesn’t through me off my balance.

So it is with great excitement, feeling as if I’ve found my balance, that I enter this new decade. There will be much work, with no few guarantees. However, I look forward to looking back at the end of 2010.

Here’s to the next decade in the biz.

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