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Most books/blogs/opinions about Voice Over are directed to the beginner. Why?

Well that’s easy, The Novice is desperate to get in, make “One Million Dollars” and live the good life. And for that they are more then willing to hand over a small fortune.

Ever wonder why so many people are teaching voice over?

10 years ago I could count on two hands the number of Voice Over teachers/Demo producers. Now the pages of The Voice Over Resource Guide is filled with those who would love to help you on your path to the “Easy Money” that is, Voice Over.

Short answer… It’s a steady paycheck in the “Hard Money” that is, Voice Over.

Some people do just love to help others, me included. So much so that I’ll meet with anyone and give them all the advice that I can pretend I know, For the the low low price, of a cup of Coffee. Meaning you buy me coffee and I’ll talk about what I love, Voice Over, till you get sick of me.

This offer stands whether you can meet me in LA, or over the phone.

My take is, that I’d rather save you a whole lot of time and more importantly, Money. I won’t be your coach and I won’t make your demo and I won’t be your guru, but I believe I can be your friend and help set you on the right path. Be that Voice Over or a Cheese maker in Nepal.

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