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The Brain Sweats

The time it took me 30 minutes to say the word Toyota was the worst Brain Sweat I ever head. The word came out wrong once, the twice, and then my Brain starting Sweating, Thinking only about saying the word right, and thus assuring that I never would.


Normally a mess up doing Voice Over, is just that, but on occasion it becomes a monster threatening to send you to the Looney Bin.

Your Brain starts to sweat about not getting it right and you cascade into a down word spiral of self doubt and loathing. You start to think about how dumb you are for not being able to say a stupid word or phrase that a 3 year old could. in my cause “Toyota”

You start to wonder how stupid everyone listening thinks you are. About how stupid you’ll look when your ineptitude makes it onto some famous reel of stupid people. If fact somehow you’re entire life becomes stupid in the wake of your complete failure to say one stupid, dumb, stupid word.

The question is not so much how you got here, but how you get out.

My advice: Do whatever you can!

Namely remember the song from Sesame Street. “Oops I made a mistake that’s all.”

It’s life, it happens, and the only real way you’ll leave a lasting “BAD” impression is to panic and start acting like a weirdo.

Make fun of it. Get goofy. Breathe. Think of playing baseball with Kangaroos.

Anything to take your mind off of your Brain Sweats.


Oh, and you probably will find that you actually will begin to sweat for real!

I finally did say Toyota right. My secret? I took my Left Shoe off and waved it in the air while I read the copy.

Seriously !

Whatever it takes.

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