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Switching Agents

When I started out as an actor I read or saw nearly everything I could on how to be an actor. I read Linkleter for voice, Brockett for History, Mamet for how not to act, and Cain for how not to blink.

For the most part what I learned became part of my collective unconscious, however one piece of advise from some “How to Act” book from some unremembered partially famous actor, has continued to periodically surface in a check reminder.

No matter how good of friends you become with your agent, there will probably be a time when, for business reasons, you’ll have to leave for another agent.

It is a harsh reality that I never thought would apply to me, as my agent at the time was 150 years old, smelled of cigarettes smoked during prohibition, and could never remember who I was.

Only you will know when it’s time to leave and hopefully after much thought and sought advice. As a cartoon on the wall of a casting director reads:

Changing Agents is like changing chairs on the Titanic.

Rash and quick changing of agents in an effort to find the always elusive “Greener Grass.“, will more often then not make you wish you could Wonder Twins Power into the shape of a boomerang and find your way back to your old agent. You can imagine that Humble Pie is a big ole’ slice of bitter.

When it’s the right time and the right reasons, changing agents, no matter how good of friends you’ve become, can be one of the most useful tools you have to further your career.

Just remember

Be Good

Don’t burn a bridge if you don’t have to. Your Old Agent may be your next best New Agent!

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