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Sometimes They Come Back.

It’s been my experience that when a big account goes, it goes. You’re the voice, then you’re not, and that’s that.

After all why would they bring back someone they got rid of. That would be like bringing back the first Darren Stevens from Bewitched.

The other part of winning a big account is losing a big account. It is inevitable, at some point, the ride will end, the bars will lift off and some kid with bad acne and no motivation will ask you to exit while someone else takes your seat.

“Easy Come, Easy Go.”

is easy to say when it’s coming. Try it when it’s going. That’s the hard part.

I was talking with another Voice Over talent today about “the going” part. He said that he wished every voice over could get a big account and then lose it. It provides a perspective that you just don’t get when it’s coming.

The tendency of big accounts is lazy and entitlement.

The hard work somehow doesn’t seem as important and you begin to feel like you deserve the checks.

When that goes, if you’re not in the right place mentally, it can lead into a major downward spiral. Then you get desperate, and that’s the kiss of death for a read and a career.

I personally have had the big accounts and lost them, and have wrestled with every emotion that comes with that.

Luckily, I’ve now had the experience of having one of those big accounts come back, and having lost with the ability to say “Easy Come Easy Go”, while it was going, I can now fully enjoy the coming (back), with an appreciation and understanding that only comes from losing.

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