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Picked Up!

So it is with little fanfare and much hope, that the two shows I’ve voiced “Mall Cops” and “Conveyor Belt Of Love”, have been picked up.

Mall Cops

Mall Cops On TLC

“Mall Cops” has had 12 episodes ordered by TLC and should start airing sometime in Spring of 2010.

“Conveyor Belt of Love” will air on Jan 4th on ABC. If things go well it has a chance of getting picked up for more episodes.

“Conveyor” marks my second foray into the world of Dating Shows, having voiced 750 episodes of “Elimidate”

Conveyor Belt Of Love on ABC Jan 4th

Between now and those pay checks anything can happen. As it did when I was the original voice on “The Simple Life” with Paris Hilton and Nichol Richie. The producers loved me, but somewhere along the way Fox decided they didn’t. As my saying de jour goes. “It Is What It Is.”

So really excited about the possibility of these two shows, but reserved as well.

As always never sure that my voice will end up on the show or that the shows will actually air, and definitely not counting the money until the check has cleared.

And yes… The check hasn’t cleared before!

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