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Doing What I Love

At a friends college graduation party, her mother asked me what I was going to do with my life.I told her , “Be an Actor.” She smiled at me and said, “Yes, Yes, I know you’re going to be an Actor, but what about when you want to have a family? What do you want to do then?” “Be an Actor.” “Alright it’s great you want to be an actor, but when that doesn’t work, what then?” My eyebrows furrowed in misunderstanding, had she not heard me the first and second time? So like Peter on the shores of Galilee, I answered a third time. “Be an Actor.” Exasperated at her perceived refusal of me to understand her question, she changed tactics. “Well what is success?” Having never given though to that question before, I answered immediately, as if I’d been waiting my whole life to answer it. “Making a living doing what I love.”

That is now what I do.

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