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Back To Work

Talent plus Patience will get you every where in this business.

So you’ve cut 3 strokes off your handicap, you’ve cleaned your entire house with a toothbrush, and learned the life stories of everyone at your local coffee shop.

Such is the life of a Voice Over Actor with no sessions. Some one looking at your life might say “Sweet! Time to do all those things you ever wanted.”

That same person looking at your bank account might say “Glad I work in Accounting!”

One truth I’ve learned is that those two little things called Patience and Talent always, eventually, demands. “Let my people Work!”

Then the gates are opened and either trickle back in, or sometimes flood in Biblical proportions.

It never fails, they don’t want you, so you plan a trip, then they all want you at the exact same time, the day after you’re scheduled to leave.

So you’re working again! So Fricking what!

The money won’t be seen for at least 2 to 3 weeks, and that’s just the session. Never forget there’s always some jerk face down the line that has no reason to hate your voice, but does, and decides that the play he wrote in college that got picked by his class as most likely to be produced, qualifies Him to do the voice over.

Your first job after your new sessions is to go home cook Ramen noodles, adjust your televisions rabbit ears and watch Full House reruns.


Do Not Spend what you Haven’t Got.

It’s simple really, but somehow slips the minds of the newly working as they’ve suddenly forgotten the unemployment line, and see only fat chunks of residuals piling up in the back of their new Beemer. Bought with the promise of money to come.

Don’t kid yourself, play it safe. Wait for the sessions to pile and the residuals to hit your bank account before picking up the tab at Spago.

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