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“It’s down to you and another guy!”

“It’s down to you and another guy!”

Agents love this! They love to call you at those times where you think they’re calling about a job.

They don’t want you to get to excited, but they just got a call from the producer and they said they’ve narrowed the massive nationwide search down to you and 5 other guys. So stay by your phone, cause the call could come at any moment and when they make up their mind they’ll want to record right away!

My advice…Do not stay by your phone! Do not call your family to tell them “the good news!”! Do not start thinking about how much money is coming your way! And do not start spending any of that money!

Do whatever you can to put it in perspective. Yes, it is an accomplishment. Yes, you have a much better chance then you did when it was down to you and 1252 auditions via VoiceBank. Yes, you need to be able to record if they do go with you. And, Yes it could change your life.

Just remember, chances are what they are and the “House always wins in the long run”, and it’s not down between you and another guy, cause they just went with Matt Damon, who’s schedule just cleared up, and who they wanted all along. One more thing, try to stay positive.

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